Planning and Zoning

The City's Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the implementation of rules and regulations found in the City's Zoning Ordinance and    Comprehensive Plan related to the development of property.

The HPCA play a role in planning and zoning particularly when there are petitions for changes in current zoning code/designations that would impact our neighborhood, positive or negative.

Recent HPCA Opinion Letters

Sandy Springs Rezoning, Zoning Modification and Use Permit Process

Community Zoning Information Meetings

  • A Community Zoning Information Meeting (CZIM) is a general informational meeting designed to allow citizens and members of the development community a "first look" at the zoning petitions submitted to the Department of Community Development.

Community/Developer Resolution Meetings

  • The second of the required community meetings, the Community/Developer Resolution Meeting (CDRM) is an opportunity for the applicant/owner/developer to address concerns raised by citizens at the CZIM regarding a proposal. Additionally, a draft of the staff recommendation and proposed conditions of approval will be presented at the CDRM. This meeting is open to all interested citizens and applicants are required to attend.

Planning Commission

  • The Planning Commission is an advisory board which reports its findings and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. The board is involved in hearings involving rezonings, use permits, concurrent variances, and changes to zoning maps and ordinances.

Board of Appeals

  • The Board of Appeals is a quasi-legal board charged with hearing requests for variances from regulations of the Zoning Ordinance. The board bases decisions on the merits of applications with strict adherence to specific factors.

Updating the City's comprehensive plan

With the current plan almost 10 years old the City is currently going through a year long process to update the plan and we have a seat at the table! Current HPCA Zoning Committee Chair, Juilian Thome, was selected as a member of the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee. They will meet roughly six times over the next 12 months to discuss several topics including small area work plans designated as Roswell Rd. Corridor, Powers Ferry Landing, Additional Marta Station, and PCID (Perimeter Center Improvement Disctrict)

City Comprehensive Plan RFQ
City Comprehensive Plan Timeline

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