Parks and Green Space

In the High Point area we are blessed with several directions we are able to go to enjoy parks and green space, not only in Sandy Springs but in Atlanta to our South and Brookhaven to our East. The map below has most notable parks within five miles of the middle of the HPCA.

The HPCA supports community centric advocacy towards enhancing and adding to our parks and greenspace. Here is a recent presentation that eventually led to our upcoming new park Windsor Meadows

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HPCA Centric - Ridgeview Park
Located next to Ridgeview Middle School at 5200 South Trimble Road Sandy Springs, GA 30342, it’s one of Sandy Springs largest parks at nearly 21 acres and sits literally in the middle of the High Point Area

Coming Soon - Windsor Meadows
Sitting on Nancy Creek at the corner of Windsor and Northland, the city acquired parcels make up nearly 4.25 acres of contiguous flood plain. The City has funded the next steps to transform the city-owned property to into a unique community centric, pocket park with beautiful bottom land vistas and meandering walking trails.


While the city is still working to create an interconnected set of pathways, including sidewalks, Here's the summary approved city plan


City of Sandy Springs Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trail Implementation Plan

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